Our Story

Hi Parents/Campers - I am the Founder and Lead Instructor of Camp MAVE. I am also a middle school math teacher in New Jersey. My idea to create this summer camp started during the COVID-19 school closure when I was sitting in my living room instead of my classroom contemplating several things:

1. What is the most effective way to teach my Algebra students how to solve quadratic systems online without getting 100 emails a day with the subject "Ms. Linn, I don't get the lesson"

2. I wish I wasn't so incredibly restricted to such a stringent curriculum so I could assign my students a project that would teach them more practical skills that will be more memorable and useful in life.

4. Should I teach Summer School this year? Will there even be Summer School this year?

5. How are parents going to keep their kids busy this Summer if physical camps can't operate?

And this is when the idea of Camp MAVE came to me. I wanted to create a summer camp that kids could participate in from the safety of their homes to maintain social distancing, while not entirely losing the social/physical aspect of a normal summer camp. I did not want to create just another online course that would have kids staring at a screen all day with no socialization. I wanted kids to have the opportunity to be educated on how subjects such as math, science, and engineering are actually used in the real world and how they relate to technology, business, finance, etc. 

BBA - George Washington University 

M.Ed - Western Governors University

It pains me when my students ask, "Ms. Linn, when will we actually use the Quadratic Formula in real life?" I usually go into an explanation about calculating the trajectory of projectiles or engineers constructing bridges, etc. but I know deep down that a more accurate answer is, "Well, you probably won't ever use this."

Camp MAVE was thoughtfully and intentionally designed to educate in a way that is engaging and will directly and clearly translate to real life through fun, hands-on projects with real-life instructors and fellow classmates. Camp MAVE is meant to simulate a Summer Camp, not a school. We hope you decide to join us this Summer! 


Our Philosophy

Our goal at Camp MAVE is to create an educational Summer Camp alternative that will supplement campers' classroom educations while keeping them social, engaged, structured, and interacting with peers. We believe that while the skills learned in school are valuable to the intellectual development of youth, most knowledge that lasts is that which is learned through practical life experiences. Those real-world experiences are what we seek to simulate through our project-based camp. Like all colleges and businesses today, Camp MAVE leverages technology to prepare students for the technological world that we live in today. This means the entire camp is virtual, conducted through online video conferences - much like the largest companies from around the world! What sets Camp MAVE apart from all other online educational opportunities is that we do not conduct ourselves through streams of recorded videos and online courses, but instead have real, live instructors conducting live virtual group meets and providing hands on projects that will allow students to work with much more than only a screen


Our Mission

  • Provide a social, educational, interactive, hands-on, and safe alternative to physical summer camps due to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Educate children with practical life knowledge that will prepare them for real-world challenges and careers

  • Supply summer job opportunities to hard-working, certified teachers

  • Raise money for COVID-19 relief and research efforts

© 2020 by Camp MAVE

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