Engineering Bundle #1 (5th-8th)

Complete ENGINEERING project bundle with 4 full-length projects:

  1. Whatever Floats Your Boat
    • Build a boat with the most buoyancy
  2. Rube Goldberg Machine
    • Design a complex contraption to accomplish a simple task
  3. Launch Challenge
    • Create a catapult that will launch an object the farthest
  4. Dome Sweet Dome
    • Construct a Geodesic Dome that will hold withstand the most weight

Engineering Bundle #1 (5th-8th)

    • PDF file of Whatever Floats Your Boat project instructions
    • DOCX file of Boat Tracker
    • PDF file of Rube Goldberg Machine  project instructions
    • PDF file of Launch Challenge project instructions
    • PDF file of Dome Sweet Dome project instructions

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